Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Leonard Pitts makes wife's dream come true

Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts just might be the best husband ever:

Got to be the wrong car, she's thinking. It's sure nicer than any car she's ever had. In fact, it's her dream car, the one she always told me she wanted to own "someday."

It's just a car, of course. Just metal and rubber and a lot of gadgets and doodads no car really needs. Just another material bauble that cannot follow you into the ground. But sitting there shining under the lights on the evening of my wife's 50th birthday, it feels like vindication and validation and I love you and thank you for persevering with me. Thank you for never giving up on us.
Read the full column.

Pitts will join Chuck D on Apr. 25 for a panel discussion on hip hop culture, race, and American society. Tickets are still available.


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